The pencil of nature…

budaI was practically born with a camera in my mouth.  Daddy Bub instilled my interest at an early age.  I have been in the photo industry for over thirty five years. It therefore is obvious that I will supplement with many photos.(just saying) All of my images are digital. Photography as a medium has evolved in light years since William Henry Fox Talbot produced the first black and white print from a negative in 1839. He immediately realized the potential of this new art form. His first book of photographs was titled “The Pencil of Nature”, he considered himself an artist and wanted to be able to “draw” more accurately by hand. Great photographers have always selected their subjects carefully,framed their views precisely and painted their art with magnificent lighting. Their goal of course was to give their pictures the look of “art”. Photography over the years provided many tools to the aspiring artist – soft focus, sepia tones, textured paper, sandwiched negatives and of course, the mystery of the darkroom. When I started in photography in the early Seventies,  Americans were taking over 9 billion photographs a year. (And the market was exploding with the advent of the inexpensive SLR) Today we have seen the medium evolve into the absolute digital age. Reality or fabrication?? Digitalization has made the art of photography a variety of interpretation no longer required to be in front of the camera.In the past, photography was in it’s purest form a simple capture of reality, a record of something real that occurred in front of the lens. Today, a digital photograph, on the other hand, can be a Photoshop fairy tale, perhaps only containing an ounce of reality. The digital image of today is often no different from paintings concocted from an artist’s imagination. The only difference being they lack the actual manual touch of an artist. Photography has come full circle. From “The Pencil of Nature” to reality perceived. Lisett Model, the great modern photographer once said, “Photography is the easiest art, which perhaps makes it the hardest.” Just saying…

~ by leicaman on July 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “The pencil of nature…”

  1. Great post, Leicaman… true!

  2. this is so true…and well put, i grapple with that all the time…i’m on a sort of hiatus while i sort out the digital/film stuff in my head and in my heart….it seems, digital makes everyone a photographer….while the darkroom gave me such peace with a sense of accomplishment….thought provoking…i’m so glad dana shared your link…and i LOVE the photograph!

  3. You are money baby!!!!!! Now we need to get your little cute ass on Facebook!

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